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The alchemist by William Fettes Douglas (1822-1891)


2011Chaty vallaurius mirror and old linenDiameter 82 cm
Goody-B Wiseman, Hidden, bronze  
Fluorite - I have a real pretty spear of this stuff I’m waiting to give someone when the time is right. 
Medea by Frederick Sandys
Alcor + Mizar, Meichen Waxer, Ink, 30 x 44” , 2013
If you are in Toronto, I hope to see you at my exhibition! <3 m
Valkyrie - Meichen Waxer, ink, 2012

"The moon is always jealous of the heat of the day, just as the sun always longs for something dark and deep."

- ― Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic

Meichen Waxer “Waning Moon” Ink on Paper, 2012
Meichen Waxer “Venus as an Evening Star”, Ink on Paper, 2012 
Meichen Waxer, “To Make Light” - Ink on Paper, 2012 
Meichen Waxer, “Pigs and Lions” Ink on Paper, 2012 
Meichen Waxer, “Passage” - Ink on Paper, 2012  
la lune